We wish to deliver a unique gaming experience. One without excessive complexity. One which is fun. One that you will enjoy.

A dedicated and hardworking staff, bent on bringing you constant updates, willing to listen to the voice of the community. One which will maintain integrity in carrying out its duties.

Custom developed plugins which lays the foundation for our server. A custom resource pack that will immerse you into the world of Conquest Ithacia. A world, custom built. tailored with beauty and gameplay functionality in mind.

A comprehensive lore which details and outlines the motives of the factions. Will you join the Andromeda Commonwealth, or shall you side with the Mavor Republic. You decide which army to join in a fractured mankind’s mad dash to conquer the star system.

A loot system which rewards you based upon your time spent here and how well you play.

Bullets, explosions, action!



This is our philosophy.

This is…

Conquest Ithacia.