Game Modes


A team deathmatch style game mode, pitting anywhere from 8-16 players per team against each other on relatively small maps.

Maps include: Hydropower, Submerged, Station(placeholder name)


Conquest is a large game mode, with one team attempting to capture a consecutive series of control zones before they run out of reinforcements, while the other team, the defenders, must hold off the attackers before they can capture and destroy the final point.

Maps include: Spacebase(placeholder name)


This mode occurs on a large map with 3-5 control zones which two teams will fight over. The longer a team holds a point, the more points they get, and whichever team reaches 1000 points first will win.

Maps include: Shattered Valley(placeholder name)


Strike is a dungeon-like game mode, where “strike teams” of up to 4 people will work their way through various missions, gaining loot and experience along the way. This is the only mode where the player fights NPC’s exclusively.

Maps include: